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Youth Month with good marks

Provincial Youth Union Standing Committee has just held a conference to partially review the local Youth Union task, children-teenagers ‘movements in the first quarter of 2021.

Attending the conference were Nguyen Van Loc, member of provincial Party Standing Committee, Head of provincial Party Committee’s Mass Mobilization Commission, Chairman of provincial Fatherland Front Committee; Nguyen Thai An, member of the Youth Union Central Standing Committee, Head of the Youth Union Central Committee’s Commission for Propaganda and Education.

At the conference, the units discussed new models, effective and practical ways in the Youth Union task and children-teenagers ‘movements during the Youth Month. In general, the local Youth Union task, teenagers-children’s movements in the first quarter of 2021 achieved many positive results, creating a separate mark for the Youth Union, leaving a good impression on numerous Youth Union members and people. Many creative and breakthrough activities continued affirming the role of the Youth Union in socio-economic development, maintaining the local security and national defense.

Mr. Loc praised the local Youth Unions at all levels for their results done in the first quarter of 2021 and the Youth Month. In the coming time, the Youth Unions of districts, towns, cities and their branches will continue researching contents and solutions under the promulgated programs to concretize with contents and solutions in line with the actual situation of localities and units, especially amid Covid-19 pandemic…, ensuring the good completion of the contents and targets set out in the program for 2021.

On this occasion, the Youth Union Central Committee awarded the certificate of merit to provincial Youth Union Standing Committee for its excellent performance during the Youth Month. Provincial Youth Union Standing Committee awarded the certificates of merit to 16 collectives and 34 individuals with outstanding achievements during the Youth Month and in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Reported by Ngoc Nhu-Translated by K.T

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