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Woofy Whoops Funny Dog Wee Board Games Fun With Ckn Toys

Hi guys, today we are playing with this funny do weeing game Woofy Whoops.
Woofy’s busting for a wee… Dodge the dog or get covered in pee!
Get ready for chaos with this hilarious game of suspense! Each player takes their turn to spin Woofy and whoever he lands on has to pat him according to how many times he barks. If he barks once, twice, three times (or more), but if you’re unlucky enough to have the last pat, Woofy won’t be able to hold in his wee and the player will get sprayed with water!The best bit is that the Woofy Whoops app records the laugh out loud moment in slow motion, so you can watch back the moment you get ‘peed’ on.

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