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Where Does Lifting & Nutrition Fit into your Lifestyle? | ETP#34

The end of Bryan’s 8 week ab training experiment and seemingly mysterious new diet low weigh-ins. Could there be more to why your weight fluctuates besides the previous days calorie totals? Which psychological considerations should you take into account on where training and nutrition fit into your current lifestyle and priorities? In a conversation a bit more meta and introspective than usual, Bryan and Aaron share how their priorities and considerations have shifted over time. Thanks for listening! ✌️

00:00:00 – Introductions / Updates
00:08:00 – Bryan’s Ab Training Final Update & Thoughts
00:15:30 – Diet low weigh-ins for Bryan
00:16:40 – Could there be more to weight fluctuations besides the previous days calorie totals?
00:18:35 – Other factors that impact our metabolism of food and morning weigh-ins.
00:26:13 – Psychological considerations around where training and nutrition fit into your lifestyle.
00:33:27 – The “I just need to eat protein” fallacy.
00:35:50 – Letting go of aspects of your life in order to achieve new goals.
00:43:09 – What I want vs. what fits into the family lifestyle?
00:48:35 – The influences of being in the fitness/nutrition industry
00:55:50 – Doing it 80% right consistently for 10 years.

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