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Problem 10 – Intermediate Beer Pong

A frat boy throws a ping pong ball from 0.6 m above a table at 5 m/s and wants to land it in a 20 cm cup 1 m away. At what angle should he throw?
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I’m a professor at Rice University where I have taught introductory physics for the past 10 years. This page features short lectures and worked problems that will complement your calculus-based introductory physics courses.

If you are looking for a complete online course with full lectures, demonstrations, homework, exams, and an active discussion forum, consider one of my online classes at edX:

PHYS102x Electricity & Magnetism, part 1

PHYS102x Electricity & Magnetism, part 2

PHYS201x Waves & Optics

For non-calculus based introductory physics, we have made AP Physics 1, also at edX:

AP Physics 1

The edX classes were produced by Rice Online ( which offers great classes in many areas.

We also work with OpenStax College ( who has several free textbooks online, including non-calculus and calculus-based physics.

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