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NAVEYs 1st BiRTHDAY!! Cake & Presents with little miss Navey on her bday! balloon wake up tradition

you are invited to Navey’s Birthday Party!


Best Navey Day Ever 1221

It’s Navey’s Birthday!! How is she already one years old?!! The whole family is so excited to celebrate with her today. We are mixing up our regular birthday routine, because Adley and Niko Bear are back to school, instead of doing our family tradition of throwing balloons on the birthday kid we are going to wait. Instead, we are going to take Baby Navey to build a Bear and get her a stuffy. Something we’ve done with both Adley and Niko Bear on their first birthday!

What kinda of stuffed animal is Navey going to pick. Adley got a bunny pet and Niko got a bear, but I have no idea what Adley might get. We look at moose and pokemon, we see rainbow bears and dogs. Navey finally decides on a super cute pink bear. While the bear is getting put together, we do some clothes shopping and find a birthday hat and blue dress. So cute!! I love our family traditions!!

We get back home and get Niko Bear and Adley from school. Once Navey wakes up from her nap, it’s time for family fun, and we all rush in with balloons!! Navey is a little unsure about it all, but we love it. Downstairs, we show you guys all the decorations, pictures and treats Jenny has got ready for the birthday party!!

Our family starts showing up and it’s time for the party to begin. Adley takes charge and starts directing the party. First we are doing presents. Adley and Niko Bear help Navey unwrap her gifts and unbox toys so she can play with them. After singing happy birthday, it’s time for Navey to make a mess and dig into her very first smash cake! She loves it, making a mess and eating tons. We can’t get her into the sink fast enough for a quick bath! And Navey, just like her brother and sister, is a little water baby and loves being in the sink!

After the party wraps up, it’s time for bed for the little miss. Jenny puts Navey down, while Niko Bear sets up booby traps and Adley tries out some of Navey’s new toys! Now that’s a best day ever!!

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