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Mukbang in Greece – Skill and Vivi try to eat while being swarmed by wasps.

Egg tuna! The wasps in Greece are insane sometimes! This is the 2nd video from the Greece vacation, where skill4ltu and viviserious taste-test some Greek food together and share their opinions on it in mukbang style… While they do this, they seem to get interrupted by wasps, kittens and even skill’s inner hatred for olives!

You guys have been asking for a video with vivi for a while, and some of you had also asked for a less-edited food video as well, so… Here’s both of those requests fulfilled in the same video! The third Greece video will be back to my heavily edited style as you saw in the Corfu video, and it will be a hotel review for the hotel that they stayed at to film this food video.

skill4ltu’s second channel for non-gaming related content. Vlogs, travel videos, food, and more! You will occasionally see viviserious here as well!

PO box if you want to send something to skill, address: Box 29 Rotušės a. 10, 97001 Kretinga, Lithuania

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0:00 – Intro
1:35 – Feta cheese
2:30 – Salami
3:25 – Green olives
4:20 – Ladotyri cheese
6:20 – Greek salad
7:10 – Black olives
8:05 – Dried beef
9:30 – Tzatziki
10:40 – Blue cheese
12:14 – Cooked carrot
13:20 – Spicy cheese
17:30 – Mussels
19:25 – Shrimp
20:40 – Pork with mushrooms
22:35 – Sardines
24:28 – Duck
28:10 – Sponge cake
29:30 – Bird milk
30:48 – Baklava
32:50 – Snickers-style pie
34:20 – Cheese pie
35:45 – Whipped cream mix
36:50 – Dark Chocolate cookie
38:24 – Dried sugar
39:31 – Cream donut
41:00 – Fudge & cream dish.
43:57 – Outro begins
45:22 – End plates with funny clips

Edited by Scorpiany.
YouTube (WoT guides, map reviews – Will start uploading this year):
World of Tanks: Scorpiany [N1NJA] – NA server.

If you have any feedback on my editing, please let me know! I read all of the comments left on the videos, so if you leave a suggestion, I’ll most likely see it, even if I don’t respond. I also frequently adjust my editing and content to better suit what you guys ask for.

I am the editor for the Baboon Paradise channel, while KylarZ is the editor for skill4ltu’s main channel.

All music used in this video came from Epidemic Sound’s music library. The song names are as follow (in order of their usage):
Shine Like Diamonds – Filthy The Kid
Chauffa – Amaroo
Red Handed – Zuma Wave
Eternal Lounge – Toby Tranter
Daphne Blue – Giants’ Nest
Pick a Loco – Giants’ Nest
Scenic Route – DJ Eely
Chrismas Morning Cartoons – DJ DENZ The Rooster
Hard to the Core – Matt Large

Please be aware that all music used is royalty free and copyright cleared for YouTube only with a subscription to Epidemic Sound. The music by itself is not free to use in general, but is rather licensed for commercial use via. Epidemic Sound.

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