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Learn Colors with Body Paint | Finger Family Song | Best of Panda Bo

This video is part of a video series where certain things are painted and where we as spectators fly into the paint and experience an entertaining and also educational journey. It is a completely own creation of SurpriseJoe, which was the reason why SurpriseJoe became so famous. Nothing was generated automatically, everything is 100% self-developed, written, sung, animated and thought out. That’s why we would like to present this video to you again today as the best of.

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About Us:
On SurpriseJoe a big team of artists works daily to bring joy to children with great rhymes and instructive songs.

Our main character Panda Bo teaches children their favourite rhymes in a playful, colourful and instructive way. We hope that we can positively influence the children in their development process and at the same time do not have to do without entertainment.

© SurpriseJoe. All rights reserved.

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