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How to Cook Bengali Chicken Curry

Bengali Chicken Curry

4 red chilies
4 cloves garlic
5cm/2inch piece root ginger
4 shallots
1 tsp.turmeric
250 ml water
500 G Boneless chicken
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp coriander
1tbsp chicken powder

1)place the chilies,ginger,shallots,turmeric,garlic and water in a blender,blend until smooth.
2)In a medium size bowl put the chicken and pour over the spice sauce on the top mix and cover to marinate in the refrigerator.
3)Heat the butter in pan ,then ,using a spoon remove the chicken from the marinade,cook the chicken until sealed.
4)Set aside the chicken ,pour the reserved marinade in the pan and cook gently.Return the chicken to the pan together with the chicken powder bring to boil stirring occasionally until the chicken is cooked.

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