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Homeschool Science Class: Week 6 Physics of Motion Part 1 with Supercharged Science

Join me for a homeschool science class in PHYSICS that teaches kids how easy it is to do real hands-on science! This is Part 2, continued from yesterday!

Join me for my online science program this year get ready for a YEAR of amazing science projects:

I (Aurora) will keep your kids learning science, math, engineering and technology courses ALL YEAR LONG, and she starts by doing a full week of hands-on science lessons!

Classes are 30 minutes long with Q&A and Design Challenges so students can go at their own pace and doing their work INDEPENDENTLY, long after the live class session ends. Kids of ALL AGES are invited to attend.

During the year, I will continue to teach the science, math, and engineering concepts to your kids in a way that allows them to discover and explore their world in a meaningful way. Your kids will enjoy learning in a unique hands-on education style direct from a real scientist and engineer.

I have TWO important goals: to give your kids the CONFIDENCE to explore their world, and the TOOLS so they know how to do SCIENCE when they get there.

Join me for my online science program this year get ready for a YEAR of amazing science projects:

See you soon!


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