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Eggplant Rice Bowl🍆, Acacia Honey Coffee Latte, Cute Cup Collection | ft. HojuSara & Sally

#Zoe’s #EggplantRiceBowl

Hi, The One💕
I’m back with an authentic VLOG where I cook and edit at home!
I’ve always found it awkward filming vlogs…!
and I always got paid from YouTube while running my own one-man brand…!
But now…I’ve become a CEO as I hired my own video editor😆

I’m so happy that now I can upload more videos with higher quality

I visited Summer Lane brunch cafe located in Itaewon, with @호주사라 HojuSara @さりーとジェミン

The dessert cafe I went to is called JL dessert cafe near the brunch cafe!
I hope you guys also go visit and try the lego cake from there!

I’ll see you guys in my future vlogs where I talk a lot 🙂

🌸Instagram : @Zoe.one1

[camera, program]
sony a6400, sony rx0 m2, Final Cut Pro

International closed caption production:
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